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Bdsm Play Space

Bdsm Play Space

Edmonton Dominatrix – Prodomme Dungeon

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 Bondage Table with Head Stock, Leg Suspension and Cage *new*

Suspension Frame with Mr. S/Fetters Sit Sling and Laying Sling

Elevated Cbt Rope Bondage Chair with F*cking M*chine

 St. Andrews Cross Inversion Bondage Lacing Table

Bondage Spanking Horse and Str*p On Bench

Flying Slave Suspension Bondage Board

Mistress Throne with G*lden Sh*wer Pan

Rope Bondage Spanking Stool with Neck Collar

Smother and Hard Sports Box

   Cock Stock Trample Table

Monkey Rocker Self F*cking Device

The Crotch Rocket

Full Length Rope Bondage Board

Altar Boy Kneeling Neck Stock

Leather Suspension Harness

 Portable Hanging Stocks

Rope Bondage Coffin Board

Bdsm Toys

    Wrist & Ball Stock

Shrew’s Fiddle

Violet Wand and Reverse Technique Probe

Extensive Violet Wand Accessories

Full compliment of P.E.S Accessories and 2 Power Boxes

Mystim and Electrastim Accessories

Massive E-Stim CBT Collection Including Sounds

Safe Bi/Quad Polar Nipple Electro Play Devices

8 different electro b*tt plugs *updated*

Deep Urethra and An*l Prostate E-Stim

Oxballs Electro Sack Sling

Electro Humbler

Steel Humbler with Spiked Ball Press Plate

Electro/Vibrating/Expanding Plug *new*

Acrylic Ball Press

E-stim Silicone Gloves *new*

Silicone and Metal Chastity Devices

Metal and Acrylic Electro Chastity Devices *updated*

An*l Hooks

Shibari Rope

Cock lock An*l Intruder

Venus 2000 with Optional Electro

Hismith F*cking Machine *new*

Sneaky Pete F*cking Machine

Portable Mini F*ck*ng Machines

Medical Cupping and Electro Cupping

Rosebud Sounding Kit

Smooth and Textured Electro Sounds

Hollow C*m Though Urethral Inserts *updated

An*l Hole Spreaders

V*ginal and An*l Speculums

Surgical Skin Stapler

Motorcycle Leather Strait Jacket XL

Single Sleeve Leather Armbinder

Double Opera Glove Arm Binders

Leather Arm/Leg Splints

Full Leg Binder

Calf Leg Binder

Heavy Duty XL/Tall Fetters/Mr. S Leather Sleep Sack *new*

Leather Body Bag/Sleep Sack Large

Plus Size Neoprene Body Bag/Sleep Sack 4XL

Spandex Body Bag/Sleep Sack Large

Latex Vac Sack/Rubber Sleep Sack 3XL

Latex Vac Bed XL w/Breathing Hole

Padded Leather Sensory Hood

Studio Gum Thick Rubber Hood

Puppy Play Hood and Mitts

Pony Bridle/Head Piece *new*

Neoprene Hoods in M and L

Various Leather, Latex, Pvc and Spandex Hoods

Padded Leather Ankle and Wrist Cuffs

Thigh to Wrist Cuffs

Velcro Ankle and Wrist Cuffs

Regular and Padded Leather Fist Mitts

Large Padded Pony Hoof/Puppy Paw Mitts *new*

Bondage Collar

Posture Collar

Dog Collar and Leash

Israeli Gas Mask and Bubbler Bottle

Nipple Tower

Parachutes with Weights

Nut Cracker CBT Clamp/Vice

Bishop Face Harness Gag

Ring Gags and Ball Gags

Penis Gags/Face Dildo Gag

Head Harness/Suspension Restraint

Inflatable/Breather Gags

Double Fish Hook Gag

Nose hook fits with any gag

Ball gag/posture collar *new*

Gag Set with Serving Plate, Face Dildo and Toilet Brush

Face F*cking Vagina Gags

Nipple Forceps

Various Nipple Suckers/Clamps/Vibes

Nipple Sticks

Nipple Snake Bites

Prickly Nipple Suckers

Every Size of D*ldo Up to Wtf and Omg

Strap on Harnesses

Pr*st*te Massagers

Pear of Anguish Expanding Locking Steel Plug *new*

Expanding Silicone B*tt Plug *new*

Many Styles of An*l Vibes

Various Size B*tt Plugs

Vibrating and Inflatable B*tt Plugs

Leather Butt Plug Harness XL

Vibrating Milking Devices with 5 Different Heads Including Forced C*m Eating

Beautiful Collection of Whips, Floggers and Paddles

Wooden Spanking Brushes

Carpet Beater *new*

Quality Caning Implements

Leather Collars *updated*

Steel Slave Collar

Vibrating S*ck and F*ck Stick

Double D*ldos in Large and XX-Large

Clamps and Weights*updated*

Wood, Bamboo and Plastic Clothes Pins

Vampire Gloves

Pinwheel and Needling Devices

Rough and Fine Abrasion Gloves

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