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I have 24 different Niteflirt phone listings and characters, that represent the kinks I enjoy.  Check out some of my favorites at



Mistresses 09/29/2022 Googlywoogly
My hole belongs to mistress
Mistresses 09/29/2022 Googlywoogly
Sucking cock for her has never felt so good
Mistresses 09/16/2022 Googlywoogly
I love sucking dick for mistress
Mistresses 09/11/2022 Googlywoogly
Love being a slut for her
Mistresses 09/06/2022 Googlywoogly
Mmm I suck cock for her whenever she wants me to
Mistresses 08/21/2022 Googlywoogly
My sissy pussy belongs to mistress
Mistresses 08/24/2022 Googlywoogly
Sucking cock for her all the time
Mature 08/22/2022 aadam101
Great call!
Feminization 08/21/2022 MisterRain11
Mistresses 08/20/2022 Googlywoogly
Mm fuck me mistres fuck me. I am such a slut for her
Mistresses 08/11/2022 Googlywoogly
I am a slut for mistress and suck cock for her anytime she tells me to
Mistresses 08/08/2022 Googlywoogly
I love sucking cock for her. Getting my sissy holes filled and being her slut
Role Playing 08/06/2022 davidrobards
Another great call, only problem was she was too good and I had to end it too quickly
Mistresses 07/19/2022 Googlywoogly
I am her sissy slut
Mistresses 07/24/2022 Googlywoogly
Sucking cock for her always
Extra Kinky 07/19/2022 edwsbdc
Mistresses 07/18/2022 phonedawg
Nice pic, great rack!
Mistresses 07/17/2022 Googlywoogly
I love being a nasty slut for her. Sucking cock and giving my faggot pussy to her
Feminization 06/19/2022 MisterRain11
Feminization 07/13/2022 sissy in rollers
Another wonderful call with Goddess, understands all of my emasculating needs and desires. Superb conversationalist with specific sissy fetishes. A must.
Feminization 07/12/2022 sissy in rollers
Goddess is everything a sissy could want; incredibly emasculating and uses your interests and fetishes to create an amazing call. Five stars isn’t enough.
Mistresses 07/03/2022 Googlywoogly
She has made me into such a cocksucking slut and I love sucking cock for her
Role Playing 07/03/2022 davidrobards
She was perfect. I was nervous about my fantasy but she understood it right away and was completely inviting and didn’t skip a beat.
Mistresses 06/27/2022 Googlywoogly
Love sucking dick for her
Mistresses 06/28/2022 Googlywoogly
Love being her cocksucking slut
Mistresses 06/12/2022 Googlywoogly
I am such a nasty slut for her. Love sucking cock for her
Mistresses 06/06/2022 Googlywoogly
Love being her cocksucking slut
Mistresses 06/05/2022 mikeneedscorrection
It just keeps getting better & better. Goddess has a talent of focusing in on your most extreme perversions and pressing your buttons so hard as to push you right over the edge! I am totally addicted!
Mature 06/05/2022 ScreamingMercy
Haven’t had a call with Goddess in quite a while, but it was as hot as it ever was. Excellent with physical domination!
Mistresses 05/31/2022 Googlywoogly
Love being her sissy slut
Smoking 05/31/2022 SissyDeena
ExtremeGoddess is very creative with her scenarios & descriptions because she is a real dominatrix & talks from experience. She can be demanding or nurturing, but she does it to ensnare & enslave you. Isn’t that delicious?
Mistresses 05/30/2022 Googlywoogly
Always the best. She has made me into a total sissy slut
Extra Kinky 05/25/2022 edwsbdc
Mistresses 05/25/2022 Googlywoogly
She always gets me to cum so hard while being her slut
Mistresses 05/24/2022 Googlywoogly
Had to cut call short but she’s always the best
Mistresses 05/12/2022 Googlywoogly
I am her sissy slut
Mistresses 05/15/2022 Googlywoogly
Being her slut makes me feel like such a good sissy
Mistresses 05/19/2022 dust29uk
Oral Sex 05/13/2022 LuckyLad19
LADY DIVE CANE is Spoiled, Precious & Perfect. Beautiful, Voluptuous Body & the Sweetest ASS on NiteFlirt..Gorgeous in Louboutin & Louis Vuitton Stilettos…Love to suck her Stiletto Heels for her..Perfection in Person..5 Stars for a Sexy Classy LADY
Mistresses 05/12/2022 Shubby99
This IS a nasty assignment…I LOVED O/ur call this afternoon Goddess 😉
Leather & Latex 05/10/2022 Calydrummer
Most revered Goddess was very gracious in taking my late night & lengthy call, and exploited my debauchery, which in turn, cost me my soul.
Leather & Latex 04/10/2022 slaveforleather
Very hot
Extra Kinky 05/03/2022 edwsbdc
Mistresses 05/03/2022 mikeneedscorrection
Excellent 1st call. Goddess nailed my fantasy and my perversions. She delivered exactly what I needed and it was nasty, kinky and totally perverted. I am hooked!
Mistresses 05/03/2022 Googlywoogly
Always the best. Being her slut is too hot
Mistresses 05/01/2022 Googlywoogly
She makes me into such a slut and I cum so hard every time
Mistresses 04/29/2022 Googlywoogly
Being her sissy is an everyday thing now I love it
Mistresses 04/28/2022 Googlywoogly
I love being her sissy faggot slut
Extra Kinky 04/28/2022 304913238
Always an erotic happening
Mistresses 04/23/2022 Googlywoogly
She makes me cum so hard as a slut
Mistresses 04/22/2022 Googlywoogly
She uses me as a slut and I love it
Mistresses 04/23/2022 Googlywoogly
Love being her dirty slut and sucking cock for her
Smoking 04/19/2022 Member 9808536
Another great call.
Mistresses 04/16/2022 Googlywoogly
Super hot call. Wasn’t able to be loud but mistress made me into such a slut still. She knows how to make me into the best sissy ever
Role Playing 04/12/2022 mhalp70
Spanking 04/10/2022 orpheussail
Scary, powerful. I had a wonderful time.
Smoking 03/25/2022 jimmy987
Great call, very fun
Mistresses 03/18/2022 Googlywoogly
Love doing slutty things for her.
Mistresses 02/24/2022 Googlywoogly
Love sucking cock for mistress
Mistresses 03/02/2022 Googlywoogly
I am her slut
Fem Dommes 03/17/2022 SissyDeena
I LOVE Extreme Goddess. She gets in my head and manipulates me so easily.
Extra Kinky 03/11/2022 edwsbdc
Leather & Latex 03/11/2022 slaveforleather
Simply amazing
Mistresses 03/07/2022 Googlywoogly
Always love being her slut
Fem Dommes 02/24/2022 Gatorgirlbree
Incredibly talented. Completely blown away. Take your time to get to know her. She won’t disappoint!
Mature 02/22/2022 Jg1224m
She is amazing!
Mistresses 02/22/2022 Jg1224m
Smoking 02/17/2022 SissyDeena
Goddess can read my mind, quickly take control of the discussion and make me feel like her dirty, slutty, sinner. Mmmmm… I love that.
Mistresses 02/14/2022 Googlywoogly
Love being her slut
BBW 02/03/2022 c4m7an
Mistresses 01/31/2022 Googlywoogly
Love being her slut
BBW 01/25/2022 Calydrummer
One word; incredible!
BBW 01/23/2022 Luvlngnls
Totally under Your spell Extreme Goddess
Mistresses 01/23/2022 Googlywoogly
She’s made me into a total slutty sissy girl
Mistresses 01/22/2022 Googlywoogly
I love being her slut
Fem Dommes 01/19/2022 Member 9808536
Another wonderfully dark and evil call.
Mistresses 01/19/2022 Googlywoogly
I am her slut
Mistresses 01/16/2022 Googlywoogly
Love being her slut
Mature 01/18/2022 fastlove
OMG-she’s like so fun!!
Mistresses 01/10/2022 Googlywoogly
I love being mistress slut and sucking cock for her
Mistresses 01/09/2022 Googlywoogly
I love sucking cock for mistress like a true slut
Smoking 01/06/2022 SissyDeena
Love her!
Smoking 01/06/2022 SissyDeena
If you don’t call Extreme Goddess, you’re missing out! She’s a pro and will quickly figure you out. Then just hang on as she takes you for a very erotic and wicked ride. She’s one of the best anywhere.
Mistresses 01/01/2022 Googlywoogly
Slut for mistress
Mistresses 01/02/2022 Googlywoogly
I am her slut
Smoking 01/01/2022 SissyDeena
Goddess, is one of the best on NF. She listens and does what you want, but even better…. She has the ability to look past what you say and determine what you really want (and need). Call her!
Mistresses 01/01/2022 Googlywoogly
Love being the perfect little slut for her
Smoking 12/31/2021 SissyDeena
Goddess has me out of my mind wanting to serve and please her. She is in my head and it feels sooo good. I am begging her to ruin me. She owns me . . .
Fem Dommes 12/31/2021 Mikwud
The Queen controls and owns me
Girls Next Door 12/31/2021 j0015368
Mistresses 12/27/2021 Googlywoogly
I love being her slut
Mistresses 12/12/2021 Googlywoogly
Such a slut for mistress
Mistresses 12/15/2021 Googlywoogly
Always a slut for mistress
Mistresses 12/09/2021 Googlywoogly
I’m such a slut for mistress
Mistresses 12/10/2021 JennySlate
OMG!! That was an absolutely incredible sissy call session with ExtremeGoddess!!
Extra Kinky 12/07/2021 Jg1224m
Another amazing call…
Mistresses 12/07/2021 Googlywoogly
Always the best. Ultimate slut for her
BBW 12/07/2021 Luvlngnls
I am very grateful that I belong to Extreme Goddess.i live to serve obey Worship and bring Her pleasure in any and every way I can.
Role Playing 12/03/2021 mhalp70
Mistresses 12/01/2021 Googlywoogly
She’s made me into a total slut
Extra Kinky 12/03/2021 304913238
BBW 12/03/2021 Luvlngnls
I live to worship,please , and pleasure my Goddess
Extra Kinky 11/28/2021 304913238
Just exceptional….
Mistresses 11/27/2021 Googlywoogly
Doing slut things for mistress makes me feel so good
BBW 11/24/2021 Luvlngnls
I am a devotee of ExtremeGoddess…She has me under Her spell…and I LOVE it!
Fem Dommes 11/25/2021 nycgreek35
Feels soooooo good to donate to the unholy church mmmmmm
Mistresses 11/24/2021 Googlywoogly
Mistress is the best. I am her slut and love doing slut stuff for her
Mistresses 11/18/2021 Googlywoogly
Simply the best. Being her slut makes me so horny
Mistresses 11/17/2021 Googlywoogly
She is the best. I’m such a slut for her
Mistresses 10/28/2021 Googlywoogly
I love being her slut
Mistresses 10/28/2021 Googlywoogly
I am her slut
Fem Dommes 10/27/2021 Member 9808536
An unbelievable call. With just a little information about my weaknesses and perversions, Goddess took my on a highly personalized trip to the depths of Hell. She had me wallowing in my own depravity. You’ve got to give her a try.
Mistresses 10/27/2021 Googlywoogly
I am a sissy slut for mistress
Mistresses 10/26/2021 Googlywoogly
Love being her slut
Mature 10/21/2021 Scott2015
Feminization 10/14/2021 MisterRain11
Mistresses 10/14/2021 Googlywoogly
Being a slut for mistress makes me so horny
Mistresses 10/13/2021 Googlywoogly
I love being mistress slut almost every night
Spanking 09/13/2021 Louisianan
She taught me a very good oesson
Mistresses 10/07/2021 Googlywoogly
I am the ultimate slutty sissy for mistress
Fem Dommes 10/07/2021 Mikwud
The eternal irreplaceable Queen. Best call ever
Mistresses 10/07/2021 Googlywoogly
I’m such a slut for mistress
Mistresses 09/30/2021 Googlywoogly
I am a slut for mistress
Fem Dommes 09/24/2021 Robertahumpsleather
Great feminization voice
Mistresses 09/23/2021 Googlywoogly
Mistress has made me into a total slut
Extra Kinky 09/23/2021 cuckoldslaveboy
Thank you for Your advice. i can’t wait for my first taste of Caviar, knowing that i will become addicted, but i will always remain respectful.
Fem Dommes 09/23/2021 wys44fr2
Mature 09/23/2021 wys44fr2
Fem Dommes 09/21/2021 Steve13
I am a loser who is lucky to serve my extreme Goddess
Fem Dommes 09/23/2021 Steve13
I am a pussy free loser for my extreme Goddess
Mature 09/23/2021 BBr88
Incredible release by a nasty milf
Mistresses 09/22/2021 Googlywoogly
Always the best . I am her slut
Extra Kinky 09/21/2021 edwsbdc
Fem Dommes 09/17/2021 Steve13
I really enjoyed my conversation with my Goddess ❤️
BBW 09/09/2021 phonedawg
A hard woman is good to find – and they don’t get any harder (or make you harder) than this awesome lady.
Extra Kinky 09/15/2021 arizona2206
So nasty! Jumped right into my fantasy and drained me.
Mistresses 09/15/2021 Googlywoogly
I love being a slut for mistress
Mistresses 09/14/2021 Googlywoogly
So good every time
BBW 09/13/2021 tomarite17
Beyond amazing. So erotic. She knows how to pull you into fantasy and keep you there
Smoking 09/13/2021 SissyDeena
Goddess is the most creative and dirty minded woman. She makes me want to do dirty things.
Mistresses 09/09/2021 Googlywoogly
Always the best mistress
Mature 09/03/2021 fireworksstanham
Goddess is incredible. Call her! You wont be disappointed.
Mistresses 09/01/2021 Googlywoogly
Had to cut call really short but she is the best and makes me such a slut
Mistresses 08/04/2021 Googlywoogly
Mistress brings the slut out in me
Mistresses 08/09/2021 Googlywoogly
Love being mistress slut
Mature 08/17/2021 oysm
In control and so sexy. Serving Goddess is always an incredible experience.
Mature 08/17/2021 oysm
What an amazing sexy hot call. Wow!
Spanking 08/14/2021 spanko
BBW 08/18/2021 tomarite17
There is no one better. None. Period. Amazing beyond belief. Cannot wait for more.
Smoking 08/15/2021 SissyDeena
I LOVE this Goddess!
Smoking 08/15/2021 SissyDeena
Goddess is turning me into a sissy, faggot sinner and I can’t resist her evil mind. I just want to give in to her.
Smoking 08/15/2021 SissyDeena
Goddess is a very active and wicked imagination. She will covertly plant wicked thoughts in your mind or she will order you to do something so depraved that you’ll want to do it for her.
Extra Kinky 07/29/2021 chimptrunk
Mistresses 07/25/2021 Googlywoogly
I enjoy being mistress slut
Mistresses 07/26/2021 Googlywoogly
I am her slut
Smoking 07/26/2021 the neighbor
Super excellent at hearing your wish and casting and evil spell. I’ll be back!!!
Mature 07/05/2021 Onan333
I do long for my time with Goddess, she is so good at reading your mind and giving you what you need
Mature 07/05/2021 Onan333
Goddess is very good to me, she has such a wonderful imagination and of course, she’s super sexy
Mature 07/21/2021 jr999
Excellent first call. Wow!
Fem Dommes 07/13/2021 AtlanticHedonist
Mistresses 07/11/2021 Googlywoogly
Sexy and seductive as always
Mature 06/21/2021 analdude1
Always amazing listener and genuine
Mistresses 06/15/2021 Googlywoogly
Being a slut for mistress is all I want
Mistresses 07/01/2021 Googlywoogly
Love being a slut for mistress
Mistresses 07/03/2021 jessme7
more than any poor sinner could ever ask for
Mistresses 06/29/2021 Googlywoogly
Being a slut for mistress is so hot
Financial Domination 06/30/2021 ledasgoonerslut
Kept on raising my rate until I was drained, Soooooooooooo good,
Mature 05/28/2021 Onan333
Goodness, what a sexy Nanny, a true Goddess
Spanking 06/03/2021 Jg1224m
Always amazing!
BBW 06/21/2021 Luvlngnls
I am Your b to Goddess…existing for Your pleasure…
Role Playing 06/20/2021 urtoes
Another excellent call with a true artist! Fantastic role play.
Smoking 06/15/2021 SissyDeena
This Goddess is awesome. She has the knowledge & experience to know what you want even if you’re too afraid to ask. She’s creative, dirty-minded and wicked. The Trifecta!
Mature 06/17/2021 Member 9808536
Great late night. Lovingly humiliating breastfeeding and story session before bed. Understood exactly what I needed and took off with it. Wonderfully relaxing end to a long and difficult day.
Mature 06/14/2021 analdude1
Amazing to talk to
Extra Kinky 06/16/2021 xomnow
Extra Kinky 06/15/2021 xomnow
Mature 06/14/2021 MisterRain11
Wonderful call. Such a pleasure to fall under her spell.
Mistresses 06/14/2021 Googlywoogly
Being a slut for mistress is all I want
Fem Dommes 06/14/2021 Mikwud
You all really need to know just how awesome this Goddess is
Mistresses 06/14/2021 Greenbana
Mistresses 06/09/2021 Googlywoogly
Mistresses 06/08/2021 Googlywoogly
Love being a slut for mistress
Mature 06/05/2021 Onan333
Goddess always makes me feel special, She’s very warm and nurturing, but always in control. I very much enjoy our time together.
Fem Dommes 06/06/2021 Mikwud
There’s only one and she’s superior
Fem Dommes 06/07/2021 Mikwud
Extra Kinky 06/07/2021 dancerbob
Exceptional call with a taboo loving goddess. Very involved with your needs.
Fem Dommes 06/05/2021 Mikwud
There’s not even a close second
Mistresses 05/19/2021 quickdraw88
The best I’ve ever had
Fem Dommes 06/02/2021 Mikwud
My new addiction. Can’t get enough and wish I could talk now
Fem Dommes 06/01/2021 Mikwud
Breathtaking. Can’t get enough
Foot and Shoe 05/12/2021 sobeslv
Hot exciting erotic sexy woman. I’ll crawl to her side again and again as long as she permits ..
Fem Dommes 06/01/2021 Mikwud
Absolute out of body experience. Best call ever
Mistresses 05/26/2021 Darejj31
Oh wow what an amazing call
Role Playing 05/26/2021 eagertopleaseyou
As adept as anyone Couldn’t have been better
Mature 05/22/2021 Onan333
Oh ,goodness, thank you reaffirm why I am a NURSE!!!!!!!
Mistresses 05/21/2021 Googlywoogly
Love being mistress slutty girl
Mature 05/24/2021 Member 9808536
Excellent first call. Treated me like a limp Dick little boy just as I asked. Wonderful humiliation.
Girls Next Door 05/21/2021 mdc907
Amazing call. Goddess only allowed me to dribble and had me on edge for ever
Role Playing 05/24/2021 davidrobards
She was perfect. I don’t do a lot of these because they tend to be awkward and uncomfortable, but she understood my fantasy instantly and didn’t skip a beat
Mistresses 05/22/2021 Googlywoogly
The best mistress
Mistresses 05/24/2021 Googlywoogly
Sexy and seductive
Extra Kinky 05/24/2021 xomnow
BBW 05/01/2021 fragile11
Absolutely spectacular!
BBW 05/22/2021 fragile11
Mature 05/22/2021 bob776489
Fantastic call!
Extra Kinky 05/20/2021 xomnow
Spanking 05/19/2021 chimptrunk
Ahhhhhhhhh, yeah. YEEEEEHAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!1!!!
Mature 05/10/2021 analdude1
Awesome. Helped me take the next step and follow through. Thank you
Mistresses 05/02/2021 Googlywoogly
Mistresses 05/08/2021 Googlywoogly
Mistresses 05/18/2021 Googlywoogly
Extra Kinky 05/12/2021 edwsbdc
Mature 04/29/2021 memberh
Girls Next Door 05/13/2021 definitely_not_batman
Spanking 05/12/2021 Jg1224m
Another amazing session…she definitely helps me learn my place.
Mature 05/11/2021 Onan333
Wow, Goddess is so imaginative and truly understands what you need and ensures you get it. I have had a few calls with her and each one gets better than the last. I hope to have many more hours of fun with her, she’s very special.
Role Playing 05/11/2021 MisterRain11
Wonderful voice and imagination. All- around great call.
Extra Kinky 05/10/2021 RossMchenry
Never fails, the filthiest on nf!
Mature 05/05/2021 MisterRain11
Highly recommended. Very creative and fun. A+ call.
BBW 05/04/2021 ScreamingMercy
Amazing, just like every other call with Goddess. Such a sexy voice, such a tease, so powerful! I’ll keep coming back!
BBW 04/20/2021 ScreamingMercy
Such a hot call, once again! Goddess is amazing!
BBW 05/04/2021 pat1963
Hot Dominatrix! Had a great wrestling match she is strong, beautiful and skilled.
Extra Kinky 05/03/2021 RossMchenry
Extreme is putting it lightly. Goddess is in my top three flirts! Call her now.
Extra Kinky 05/04/2021 xomnow
Yep, I’m hooked!
Extra Kinky 05/02/2021 xomnow
Truly superb! Just an amazing experience and most definitely willing to do it all!
Mature 04/02/2021 Laidback032
She’s a natural at roleplay. Wow!!
Spanking 04/29/2021 Jg1224m
Amazing…literally the best call I’ve ever had on this site!
Spanking 04/27/2021 evezzi
Great role-play, very humiliating
Spanking 04/23/2021 Louisianan
All I can say is wow, perfectly strict, my cheeks are red with embarrassment from being treated that way at my age and because, and my bottom is burning red and sore,
Mature 04/19/2021 Iwantt2havefun
Ten stars! Goddess is so perfect in every single way. Always knows what I need, and takes me there expertly. Goddess is the best here on NiteFlirt!
Extra Kinky 04/13/2021 xomnow
Extra Kinky 04/13/2021 xomnow
Just purely wonderful! Truly a gem!
Role Playing 04/12/2021 eagertopleaseyou
Beyond helpful
Mature 04/13/2021 jjrobins
She’s amazing, no one is better at what she does.
Spanking 04/10/2021 pleasepleaseme
Explosive in domination. Strong in detail, understanding of kink dynamic. Experienced customer focused woman who seems to enjoy her work. Definitely recommend
Extra Kinky 04/08/2021 RossMchenry
Absolute best! (And I’ve called many flirts on here)
Extra Kinky 04/06/2021 xomnow
Just unbelievably good!
Extra Kinky 04/05/2021 304913238
5 stars plus…as always
Extra Kinky 04/02/2021 edwsbdc
Extra Kinky 03/25/2021 edwsbdc
BBW 04/01/2021 Alittlefella
Very very sensual and hot
Mature 04/01/2021 Ava Tinley
As advertised.
BBW 03/31/2021 Alittlefella
Very hot
Mature 03/31/2021 jjrobins
She’s incredible, totally worth it. Don’t hesitate, call her.
Mature 03/29/2021 Iwantt2havefun
Incredibly intuitive and able to take me exactly where I needed to be. This woman is perfect in every sense of the word!
Extra Kinky 03/28/2021 xomnow
Role Playing 03/27/2021 urtoes
She is extreme, and she is a goddess 🙂 You won’t find better!
Mistresses 03/26/2021 sissy faggot chelsea
Goddess got in between my ears yet again & left me a humiliated,panting, soaking wet bitch.She knows exactly whats best for Her slaves, pets, toys & sissyfaggots like me
Fem Dommes 03/25/2021 slavemicki
wow! What an amazing call!
Housewives 03/25/2021 jjrobins
She’s amazing, soooo very good at taking care of submissives
Sex Toys 03/24/2021 Dresden
Goddess is so amazing on the phone. I finished like never before!
Extra Kinky 03/25/2021 xomnow
In two calls, cemented as my new go-to lady. 100% open to everything I threw, and quite willing to indulge in the dirty!
Extra Kinky 03/24/2021 xomnow
Superb first call and 100% willing to go wherever I prompted. That’s a rare commodity these days, and I very much look forward to more calls in the future!
Mature 03/05/2021 memberh
Mature 03/21/2021 jmb17530
Great call!!
Extra Kinky 03/19/2021 304913238 always
Mature 03/19/2021 Justashyguy
Amazing. Such a soothing voice. Just what you need
Role Playing 03/18/2021 eagertopleaseyou
Wonderful call. She has mad talent
Mature 03/15/2021 bob776489
Great call!
Mistresses 03/09/2021 sissy faggot chelsea
Mistress knows exactly what strings to pull in between my ears to control,humiliate me in any and all ways that please Her.Its all about Her and Her wicked,wicked ways!
Role Playing 03/08/2021 urtoes
Another excellent call with a very talented and imaginative role player! Also, a very sweet person 🙂
Mature 03/06/2021 DemoGuy11
Mature 02/22/2021 oysm
Truly a very sexy Goddess. Great call!
Mature 03/04/2021 Justashyguy
Role Playing 03/04/2021 urtoes
What more can I add to all the well deserved praise from others? This woman is an artist! Phone sex is all about the words and she knows exactly what to say.
Extra Kinky 02/28/2021 RossMchenry
Simply the best! *****
Mature 02/04/2021 Onan333
Goddess is like therapy, and apparently I’m going to need a lot of it
Mature 02/19/2021 memberh
Thank you.
Spanking 02/16/2021 TomTom77
Interesting talk with this lovely lady
Mature 02/16/2021 dancerbob
Excellent call with the Goddess. She has a vast area of interests and fetishes. I was totally satisfied.
Mature 02/14/2021 isoabt
We started with a very direct and honest Q&A that was followed by a tailor made role-play. She is amazing.
Mature 02/14/2021 isoabt
My first call. She immediately grabbed hold of my fetish and put me through my paces with complete confidence and control.
BBW 02/14/2021 pat1963
Big, Strong, Voluptuous Woman that likes to wrestle.
Mature 02/05/2021 Good Boy 4 U
Unbelievable! But true!
Role Playing 12/30/2020 TGirlNadja
…crave Goddess’ erotic and naughty guidance… and Her lovely voice 🙂
Role Playing 12/30/2020 TGirlNadja
Goddess knows exactly whats sissies need…. She will guide you to womanhood and love every moment!
Mature 12/30/2020 KNGGD
Nice call!
Extra Kinky 12/30/2020 skydive54
Spanking 12/20/2020 spanko
Mistresses 12/15/2020 Googlywoogly
Mistresses 11/23/2020 Googlywoogly
Mistresses 12/22/2020 Googlywoogly
Mature 12/22/2020 304913238
always a 5 plus plus.. never fails…
Role Playing 12/16/2020 TheodoreCleaver
Role Playing 12/15/2020 urtoes
Excellent call, sweet voice and a naughty imagination. Fantastic role player too!
Feminization 12/05/2020 crissy195959
Feminization 12/05/2020 crissy195959
Spanking 11/28/2020 johnnysub
She is far too good for me, too strong… and i am far too weak and pathetic for Her! i’m sorry for failing You, Miss Cane!
BBW 11/28/2020 ScreamingMercy
Always a great call with Goddess!
Mature 11/25/2020 Onan333
Wow, Goddess is very creative and imaginative, She’s white hot and every mans fantasy
BBW 11/16/2020 ScreamingMercy
Back again! Another great call…again! Really sexy voice.
BBW 11/13/2020 ScreamingMercy
Always a great call! Such a sexy dominant woman!
Spanking 11/16/2020 ipseity777
Very hot and passionate
Extra Kinky 11/14/2020 304913238
Always 5 stars plus plus
Mature 11/13/2020 bob776489
Sexy call!
Mature 11/08/2020 jj1111
Mature 11/06/2020 TklGuy
I think of her as the “extreme pleasure Goddess.”
Mistresses 10/19/2020 Googlywoogly
Leather & Latex 10/31/2020 sobeslv
Mature 05/31/2020 dancerbob
Great start will redial.
Mature 05/31/2020 dancerbob
Lovely call with a mature Mistress who is will embrace your kinky fantasies and help you realize your place at her feet. Yum.
Spanking 05/17/2020 TICKLE_TRAPPED
The Lady is always a delight! Always diabolical! Always Divalicious! Call her & admire her, as she thrills you & kills you!
BBW 05/15/2020 c4m7an
Mature 05/11/2020  Good Boy 4 U
I couldn’t be more excited about my first time !! The experience was so real… I just closed my eyes and I felt every single moment !!
Extra Kinky 05/01/2020 MustPlay
Very playful
Spanking 05/09/2020 TICKLE_TRAPPED
Lady Diva always CAPTIVATES & DEVASTATES! BDSM/Fetish is her passion, and she proves it with her razor sharp wit & wonderful WICKEDNESS!
Sex Toys 05/08/2020 MustPlay
Mature 05/01/2020 tremblingvirginteen
Sexy voice! She made me feel so good!
BBW 04/28/2020 c4m7an
BBW 04/28/2020 c4m7an
Mistresses 04/12/2020 edwsbdc
Mistresses 04/12/2020 edwsbdc
BBW 04/25/2020 c4m7an
Spanking 04/17/2020 spanko
Simply the best.
Spanking 04/14/2020 TICKLE_TRAPPED
I ADORE Lady Diva, and you will, too. She’s personable, passionate, & a pure pleasure! She knows BDSM/Fetish inside-out and she brings delight to every conversation we share.
BBW 04/09/2020 c4m7an
Mature 03/27/2020 NaughtyByNature7
5 stars just isn’t enough! Took my role play to another level!
Mature 03/25/2020 bob776489
Such a sexy woman!
Mature 03/28/2020 bob776489
Such a sexy woman!
Extra Kinky 03/26/2020 TICKLE_TRAPPED
Lady Diva Cane will blow you away like a BDSM/Fetish HURRICANE! She is so clever, so joyous, & best of all, so TORTUOUS! I call her frequently because she is ALWAYS A PUNISHING PLEASURE!
Mature 03/24/2020 NaughtyByNature7
Just what I was looking for.
Mature 03/24/2020 NaughtyByNature7
Don’t think about it, just call. Took my role play dominated it!! Definitely my new favorite!
Mature 03/22/2020 bob776489
She is so good, off the charts good!
Spanking 03/21/2020 TICKLE_TRAPPED
I’m calling again & PRAISING again because Lady Diva DESERVES it! Such a pleasure to share a conversation with her, to absorb the melody of her voice and the MALEVOLENCE of her intentions. She’s the real deal & really DIABOLICAL!
Spanking 03/20/2020 TICKLE_TRAPPED
Lady Diva Cane has a taste for SADISM that is as sweet as pure sugar cane! Yes, she brings the fun of being FIENDISH every time we speak, which makes we wanna simply bask in her beautiful voice & attitude again & again!
Mature 03/18/2020 bob776489
MMMM That was fun.
BBW 03/20/2020 c4m7an
Mature 03/07/2020 Bigbaby10
Fem Dommes 02/29/2020 TICKLE_TRAPPED
Lady Diva has a deliciously diabolical approach to fetish & fantasy. Always encouraging, always joyous, always BEAUTIFULLY FIENDISH! Not a “phone girl.” She’s an Alpha Woman of real dungeon experience & it shows!
Spanking 02/09/2020 Scott6702
Awsome. 5 stars
Mistresses 02/04/2020 zacksmith12128299
excellent mistress
BBW 02/18/2020 c4m7an
Mistresses 01/26/2020 Brittney swishiebutt
Super fun call with a true pro! Intelligent dominate and creative can’t wait to call again!
BBW 02/12/2020 c4m7an
Girls Next Door 02/09/2020 definitely_not_batman
Girls Next Door 02/09/2020 definitely_not_batman
Fem Dommes 02/07/2020 definitely_not_batman
Fem Dommes 02/07/2020 definitely_not_batman
Role Playing 02/07/2020 FemmedServant
After hearing my confession, she took control and left no doubt I need to regress and follow her instructions to become the girl I was meant to be. I have to experience each humiliating baby step.
BBW 02/07/2020 c4m7an
Mistresses 02/06/2020 c4m7an
BBW 02/04/2020 c4m7an
Feminization 02/01/2020 CrissyCash
She knows what she wants. Extremely.
Mature 01/26/2020 definitely_not_batman
5 stars is not enough
Mature 01/24/2020 definitely_not_batman
Excellent roleplayer
Mature 01/24/2020 definitely_not_batman
pleasant, easy to talk to, and a very sexy voice!
BBW 01/17/2020 JakeTwo
Spanking 01/17/2020 Louisianan
She really understands how to give a good spanking
Lingerie & Stockings 01/16/2020 sissy faggot chelsea
She is such a perfect Bitchy, Demanding, controlling.Its a dream to be under Her thumb
Mistresses 01/16/2020 sissy faggot chelsea
Mistress has me by the balls.She really *is* diabolical.Her Wickedness & creativity knows no bounds. She leaves me in whimpering puddles as everything and anything is for Her pleasure & Her amusement
Role Playing 01/15/2020 ultraloser
Feminization 01/08/2020 smattman
What a sweetheart of a woman! Very erotic call, can’t wait to chat again!
Role Playing 01/07/2020 fastlove
Feminization 12/23/2019 Tapedntyped
Above and beyond!
Spanking 01/03/2020 sissy sammi
Amazing phone call!
Role Playing 12/18/2019 fastlove
Feminization 12/15/2019 Tapedntyped
Absolutely a Gem
Feminization 12/07/2019 Mcr790
Mistresses 11/15/2019 wantobeagurl
Superb task!
Mistresses 11/15/2019 wantobeagurl
Exciting! I am looking forward to taking my first sissy step with Extreme Goddess.
Mistresses 11/07/2019 edwsbdc
Mistresses 10/30/2019 sissymaidservant
Oh my god. This is extreme.
Feminization 10/10/2019 Lovemyblackcat
Mistresses 09/27/2019 heartbreakkid
I wish I was that slave girl sucking that nice big Cock for Goddess!
Mistresses 09/25/2019 heartbreakkid
I can’t wait to service real men with my mouth for Miss Cane. I have a small cock that doesn’t satisfy my wife. I am nothing but a cuckold sissy!
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Mistresses 09/19/2019 sissy faggot chelsea
mmmm She is so deviously decadent.Its such an honour to be cuckolded and humiliated for Her while She enjoys a big strong real man!!Mistress is the best
Mistresses 09/13/2019 sissy faggot chelsea
i did this task for Mistress today.It was *so* embarrassing and humiliating completing the task for Her.So so devious She is. i am a total hot mess the task was so creative .i lovedddd doing it for Her!!
Mistresses 09/13/2019 sissy faggot chelsea
It was such an honour being allowed to do this task for Her.i was left a quivering mess thanks to Her deviousness. Seriously the *best* Mistress!
Mistresses 09/06/2019 SlutP
I need to be turned into Her cock sucking faggot.
Mistresses 09/06/2019 sissy faggot chelsea
She wraps slaves under Her thumb in a deliciously devious way as She wishes, for Her pleasure and amusement *The* Best