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The topic of forced bi blowjobs can be a controversial one, as it involves consent and power dynamics. A forced bi dominatrix is someone who is in control of a sexual encounter, and often encourages or forces a bi blowjob, which is a sexual act involving two people of the same gender.

When it comes to CNC forced bi blowjob encounters, both parties must give their full consent before engaging in any type of sexual activity. Both parties should discuss the parameters of the encounter beforehand, such as if the bi blowjob is to be forced or encouraged, and what type of activities will be taking place. This ensures that both parties are aware of and comfortable with the situation.

On the other hand, non-consensual forced bi encounters involve one person dominating and controlling the other person, without their consent. This type of encounter is considered to be a form of sexual violence and should never be tolerated. In non-consensual encounters, one person is forced into a situation that they did not consent to.

All in all, a forced bi encounter should never be forced upon anyone, and should only occur when both parties are fully aware and consenting. If someone is uncomfortable with the situation, they should not feel pressured to partake in any sexual activities.