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Submissive female sessions are becoming increasingly popular, particularly as submissives want to explore their desires with trusted and experienced domina and another submissive. Submissives like their domme to take control and guide them through activities like spanking, bondage and other kinky play.

Spanking is a popular technique used during domination sessions. Submissives may feel intense pleasure and arousal when being spanked and it can also be used to add a little extra punishment to a situation. BDSM practitioners often use paddles, canes, and even their hands to give a spanking and the sensation can range from gentle and erotic to firm and punishing.

Bondage is another common activity during a female domination session. Rope, leather restraints, and even duct tape can be used to bind the submissive’s wrists and ankles. A skilled partner will use bondage to help play out sexual fantasies, make the person completely vulnerable, and be in full control of the situation.

When done in a safe, consensual and respectful environment, multi sub domination sessions can be highly erotic and extremely rewarding. It’s important for everyone involved to communicate clearly ahead of time and agree to a set of boundaries. Once these rules are established, both parties can enjoy exploring each other’s desires and pushing limits further.

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