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Welcome to my new blog, fellow perverts!
Blog / Twitter / Welcome to my new blog, fellow perverts!

Welcome to my new blog, fellow perverts!

It’s nice to have a place to tell my stories again.  I have been so repressed.  Thankfully, I have had my phone boys to help me unwind.  It was so sad to see that Mistress Jill, of Antwerp, had given up on Twitter.  They claimed that her medical play encouraged self harm and suicide.  Her posts were truly inspirational.  As restrictions and censorship keep pushing us back, so many find it mentally exhausting, having to restart accounts or fight suspension.  Recently, Devina Cox was deplatformed by g@@gle bl@gger, and not told why.  Every few years g@@gle would threaten to kill adult blogs and then stop, due to the massive backlash, but they would come back with a new set of extremely vague rules that could be used to to get rid of anything they don’t like.  In addition to this, I have had competitors constantly flagging my blog, submitting fake booking forms to find out how I screen and joining my members area to snoop at what I offer and then copying it.  One even texted me, pretending to be a client, in order to milk me for information, only for it to appear on her website, as her screening protocol.  You can always tell who it is.  They always have a similar body type and think that if they get rid of you, all your clients will flock to them.  My question is, how much time do have on your hands to go through 12 years of blog posts,  just so you can flag them?  During the Backpage days, I even had a competitor call me, when I was sick in bed with bronchitis, and try to intimidate me into going to work at her massage parlour.  She called under the guise of providing a reference, which is funny because every single time someone tried to get her to provide one, she would ignore their request.  Suddenly, she is calling me, with a made up guy’s name, saying she will type it up and send it to me, when she could just say “yeah, he was fine” while she has me on the phone.  If I had a nickel for every time someone insulted my intelligence, (oh wait, I do) I could pay for offshore web hosting (and here we are).  Anyway, that is my first rant!  Please enjoy the new home of my blog and free content.



Mistress Jill Antwerp